Charges the battery while driving

  • Caravan

Yes the Trackmaster, water tanks can be filled through the water fillers or mains hook up.

  • Camper

Pioneer Campers only through water filler.

  • Trakmaster caravans

We recommend a 2KVA. 2000 watt minimum output is recommended

  • Pioneer campers

A1KVA. 1000 watt minimum output is recommended–with out air con

Obviously, being prepared for any situation is best and we cannot predict how many flat tyres or punctures an individual may encounter. As there is no power to the wheels (unlike a car), one spare is generally enough to get you safely to where you need to go and out of any sticky situation. Plug repair kit is a recommended item.

12/24 Volt DC Compressor Fridges only in the Caravans

These fridges run exclusively on 12/24 volts DC which means that the fridge runs at full efficiency at all times including travelling. Unlike the 3 way fridges the 12 volt power supply for compressor fridges comes from the caravan batteries (no hot wire is required from the trailer plug).

The 12 volt compressor fridges are dependent on a good 12 volt power source that necessitates an integral 12 volt battery system within the caravan. Importantly, consideration
will have to be given as to what additional systems are in place to maintain correct battery charge. This presents no problem when there is a 240 volt power supply available such as found in caravan parks, as the caravan electrical system incorporates an automatic battery charger. Similarly whilst motoring, the towing vehicle’s electrical system can be modified to provide charge to the caravan battery system. However, in an unserviced location (bush camp) solar power will be required to maintain the correct battery/s charge.

When stationary without access to 240 volt power, the battery system will require supplementary charging. This could take the form of solar panels and also possibly a backup compact generator. Compact, lightweight, efficient generators that are extremely quiet in operation are readily available. The operation of such generators may be restricted by local rules and regulations of the area in which you are camped. Remember, if solar power is to be relied on then the solar panels need to be in sunlight, so camping under a shady tree is not an ideal situation.

Caravans & Campers

All portable style fridges will run from 12V

First service is recommended 1,500km.Then every 10,000kms.You can take your caravan or camper for its service to any certified caravan repair centre in Australia. Please contact your dealer for a list of servicing centres.

Approximately three days with minimal 12V use. A lot on pending conditions apply.

Charges the battery while driving

Fridge, Lights, stereo, TV, water pump & igniter.


5 years on Chassis &Body –Structural warranty for the Trakmaster caravan

Pioneer Campers

  1. 5 year warranty on chassis and suspension.
  2. 5 year warranty will be provided on the canvas. This is a back to back warranty from Wax Converters. All canvas is Australian made and Australian Sewn.
  3. 2 year warranty on materials & workmanship will be provided on all other components except for chassis and canvas.
  4. We strive to only purchase quality proprietary items from long term suppliers such as stoves, sinks, lights, etc. A 12 month warranty shall be provided, which is a back to back warranty from our suppliers.
  5. A 12 month warranty on tyres shall be provided against any manufacturing defect. All tyres must have legal tread depth applicable to your State or Territory. There is no warranty on tyre life.

Approximately 3-4 months. This will depend on our suppliers and transport.

Yes, standard insurance is included in your daily hire rate. With a $3000 excess. Insurance excess reduction (Optional).

Contact us during business hours and we will organize a repair agent. Ph: 9309 5501

Nationwide repair & support network
At Hire A Camper Trailer we wish all our customers a safe and happy trip when on holidays, however, we also understand that there may be times when unforeseen issues may arise with the camper trailer – requiring urgent attention while you’re away.
The Pioneer Brand has 23 service agents AUSTRALIA – WIDE. This means whether you are at the top-end of Western Australia, or all the way down in country Victoria, we have you covered with our Authorised Service Agents – should there be any unexpected issues with our camper trailers.
Contact us during business hours and we will organize a service agent for you.
Ph: 9309 5501 or E:

Yes – our camper trailers can be used for trips to the most remote locations throughout W.A. and beyond.

Our camper trailers have a Tregg hitch for your convenience.We supply the receiver side also.

Our camper trailers have two 240V outlets inside and one external outlet. A pre packed 15 amp lead is available for your convenience to connect the trailer to a mains power source.

Camper set up to sleep in around 60 Sec. If you wish to attach the awning it will take a approx. 10-15 minutes extra.

Yes -a 90-120 litre Stainless Steel Water Tank

Two chairs and one table are supplied, also supplied is a 12 Volt LED internal Light, dustpan and brush, hammer, shifter and ground cover. Feel free to bring additional items of your own if required. Linen is not supplied as part of the camper trailer hire.

Our camper trailers have water proof canvas which will not allow moisture to penetrate through, however the camper trailer should be set up again asap to avoid the propagation of mould and mildew.

Storage with a Fridge compartment 500W x 500H x 900D and extra storage behind the Fridge. The Fridge slide will take a 60L Engel or a 80L WacoThere also is a 2 draw pantry installed in the storage, with storage also behind the pantry. Under the bed storage 1300mm x 1m – 300mm h

Yes – our camper trailers have a kitchen which is well fitted out;
1 roll out drawer, 1 sink fitted with a water pump, one 2 or 3 burner gas stove – connected to a gas bottle.

Our camper trailers have 4 large windows with internal & external flaps. The internal flaps can be zipped up for privacy. The external flaps have eyelets to connect to an awning and can also be zipped up. Our camper trailers have two doors which are fitted with canvas covers and a mesh screen to protect against insects.

There is an internal living space of 4.5m x 1.6m

Queen Size bed

Yes – our Queen sized bed is made from a high density quilted foam mattress.

Yes, however bulky items such as doonas and pillows should be packed away separately.

Yes – our camper trailers have a storage box approx. 1650L x 500W x 515H or 500 Cubic Litres

Yes – our camper trailers have 3 jerry can holders.

Our camper trailers have a standard fitting 7-pin plug. Adaptors are available to suit other connections.

Approx 1300kg – empty

Approximately 145kg – empty

Yes – our camper trailers have hydraulic disk brakes that operate independently with no special requirements needed from the towing vehicle.

Yes – the spare tyre is located under the camper trailer and winds down by a winch.

Any single event of vehicle theft, vandalism, fire, accident damage or water immersion damage which may occur during water crossings while on hire. Also including damage by any third party including trees and wildlife. Not flat tyres

Most comprehensive motor vehicle policies do not cover a hired camper trailer. Check with your insurer